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Rapidly Regain Lost
Pigment From Vitiligo

A herbal product backed by science!

A herbal product backed by science!

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If your skin's natural pigment (color) has been lost due to Vitiligo then do not worry!

Vitilinox® is here to help! Vitilinox® is not an ordinary product. Vitilinox® brings such rapid re-pigmentation of white skin patches common in Vitiligo that users & experts are left equally amazed. Vitilinox® is a 100% safe, natural and organic product with active ingredients backed by an incredible one dozen plus clinical studies. In addition, results from Vitilinox® are backed by an unconditional 90 day money back guarantee. So try Vitilinox® today 100% risk free and become another one of our numerous happy customers!

90 Days Money Back  Guarantee

Here’s our simple promise to you. If your skin pigment does not improve as desired or for any other reason you are not happy with your purchase simply claim all your money back within 90 days of receiving your order. We have a simple and hassle free unconditional 90 day 100% refund policy.
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10 Things That Make Vitilinox® Your No. 1 Choice

Here are 10 things that make Vitilinox such an incredible product:

Fast Results

Unlike ordinary products, you won't have to wait for months before seeing your results. With Vitilinox® you will see your skin pigmentation remarkably improve within just three weeks of first use and more complete relief within just two to three months.

Natural Ingredients

Vitilinox® contains a powerful combination of active herbal ingredients known from thousands of years of traditional herbal medicine to bring you 100% natural re-pigmentation of your lesions.

Backed By Science

Vitilinox® uses ingredients that, in addition to traditional evidence, are further backed by multiple clinical studies for their safety and effectiveness in reversing Vitiligo induced de-pigmentation.

Organic & Handmade

The active herbal ingredients of Vitilinox® are gently hand blended in an organic carrier oil base that is free of harmful chemicals or parabens.

Penetrates Deep

Thanks to its special organic base, Vitilinox® instantly penetrates the skin to the deepest levels necessary for the production of natural skin pigment.

No Side Effects

Vitilinox® is a natural product and has no reported side effects to date. This is in complete contrast to other products that are non-organic and contain harmful chemicals.

Feels & Smells Great

Ordinary products have an uncomfortably bad smell. Vitilinox® smells so nice that you will be pleasantly amazed.

For All Severities of De-pigmentation

Vitilinox® is formulated to bring pigmentation to even the whitest patches. It is the strongest formula available without the need of any prescription.

Suitable For Everyone

Vitilinox® is suitable for use on all skin types of all colors, genders and ages. You can safely use Vitilinox® on children just like for adults.

90 Day Money Back Guaranteed

Vitilinox® comes with a 90 day 100% money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase, just claim a refund within 90 days with no questions asked. Your purchase is 100% risk free!
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The story of Vitilinox®.

An ancient wonder backed by science!

Since ancient times humans have used countless herbs for healing.  Out of all these thousands of herbs, through a long process of trial and error, some proved highly effective in the improvement of various skin conditions. Among these were herbs that proved remarkably effective in fixing skin de-pigmentation problems arising from conditions like Vitiligo. Vitilinox® consists of such herbs blended together in a specific and optimal proportion to maximize effectiveness. Vitilinox® is  backed by an astonishing number of  scientific research studies conducted on the dermatological effectiveness of its remarkable plant ingredients that have passed the difficult test of time with the highest grades.
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Inside Vitilinox®.

The natural & organic ingredients

Vitilinox® contains a high concentration of active natural ingredients gently hand blended in a specific proprietary proportion to help re-pigment your skin naturally.

Psoralea Seeds

Furocoumarins (psoralens) and their congeners are found in abundance in Psoralea seeds, used thousands of years ago in India for re-pigmentation of the skin. That this was a photobiological action was recognized by the ancient Ayurvedic system of medicine, which stressed the need for exposure to solar light to enhance the pigmentation effect.

Piper Nigrum Seeds

According to recent studies, Piper Nigrum can stimulate melanocyte proliferation and bring back colour to depigmented skin. Melanocytes produce melanin (skin pigment). Piper Nigrum, starts life as berries in a clump on a flowering vine (like grapes). Native to Southern India, archaeological evidence of people using its seeds goes back to 2000 BC.

Citrus Bergamia

Some historians say that Citrus Bergamia first came from Asia, others believe it was Italy. Regardless, it’s been used for centuries for its numerous skin benefits. Recent studies show that this psoralen-containing oil produces an optimized melanogenic effect in naturally bringing colour in skin when combined with sunlight.

Nigella Sativa

In a recent study, topical Nigella Sativa seed oil was applied to hands, face and genital region two times a day for six months. Results showed statistically significant re-pigmentation in the three skin areas, concluding that Nigella sativa can be used as an adjuvant therapy for skin re-pigmentation especially in sensitive skin areas like genital region.


The origin of Lavendula is believed to be from the Mediterranean, Middle East and India. Its history goes back some 2500 years. It is a flowering plant of the mint family known for its beauty,  fragrance and multiple uses. As a natural anti-oxidant Lavendula reduces oxidative stress to help stop the progression of depigmentation in skin. Its inclusion brings a multi-pronged approach to our special formula while improving its fragrance.

Zingiber Officinale

Several studies have shown that topical application of Zingiber Officinale extract can help us get rid of hypopigmented scars  and restore the colour of the skin. It also has excellent toning property, which assists in enhancing the texture of the troubled part of the skin. 6-Shogaol (6-SG), an active compound in this root, protects melanocytes against
H2O2-induced oxidative stress.

Cocos Nucifera

Commonly known as coconut, apart form the anti-oxidative properties of its oil, it also acts as a base for our formula to ensure that all other ingredients are able to perform properly, are present in their correct respective dilutions/strengths and are able to penetrate the skin deep enough to reach where needed for maximum effect.

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Vitilinox® Is Special

5 Facts About The Making Of Vitilinox®

We use cold pressing to extract the active content from our herbs. Commercial products use alcohol as it gives a longer shelf life even though it damages the effectiveness of the herbs.
We don't use stem or root extracts of herbs where only a leaf extract will do. Commercial products use whole plant extracts to keep costs low.
We don't use synthetics or chemicals but only organic ingredients to formulate our product. Commercial products mix their active herbs in non-organic bases to lower costs.
We don't use machines but only gentle hand blending. This preserves effectiveness by not damaging the inherent structure of the herbs.
We don't rely on guesswork but only use high concentrations of proven ingredients.
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Join the revolution.

Redefining healthcare

Support the movement for natural products by only buying products that:
  • Have established traditional evidence.
  • Are validated by scientific research.
  • Use organic ingredients.
  • Use only relevant ingredients
  • Are responsibly made.

Vitilinox® is gently blended by hand in a special proportion using the finest organic ingredients. Buy Vitilinox® today and experience the difference by getting rapid and natural re-pigmentation of your Vitiligo lesions!

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Don’t take our word for it!

Latest Vitilinox® Reviews*

*Individual results may vary.

  • "I was urgently looking for something that could help me. I found Vitilinox and stuck to the instructions with discipline. It took me two weeks to first notice a change... as small dots of colour began appearing. Then I never looked back and my skin is back to normal." 
    Tyler J., Maryland
  •  "I've been on Vitilinox for 4 months. My skin hasn't recovered fully but I have regained at least 80% of my pigment/color and its still getting better. I look forward to complete healing but I have noticed that results were faster in the beginning."
    Dorothy S., Wisconsin
  • "I praise you for this product (Vitilinox). I did a lot of research before buying it and knew your formula was very powerful based on my own research. Results followed for me with perfect timing. Three months for full coloration is very good. Well done and thank you. "
    Ishaq R., Colorado
  • "We got this product for our daughter who is just 13. She has patches of white color-less skin on her legs and thighs. So she would not wear shorts or skirts. Her self worth was relaly badly effected by this. Now she is able to dress like a normal child as her lesions have filled up."
    Isabella J., New York
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Vitilinox® Reviews & Ratings*

*Individual results may vary.

Sandra J.

South Carolina, USA

"Major improvement in all lesions within two months! Skin going fast back to normal. I feel wonderful." 

Rose R.

Alabama, USA

"I am thrilled to share my progress. I tried a lot of products over the last two years of my life. I am glad I didn't give up my search or I would never have found your product. The less severe lesions have all gone but the totally white ones on my mid body are still half way left to recover 🙁 Could it be because of the lesser amount of sun exposure this part has received? Don't get me wrong, there is a massive improvement (specially considering that I have used Vitilinox for just a little over two months) Its just not as fast as the other areas of my body have improved. " 

Julie P.

Louisiana, USA

"Oh Lord your product works! I had a feeling from the start that this will do it... thats why I gave it a shot and glad I am that I did. I had no problem applying to to my scalp especially that it smells so pleasant. Once a day at night and washing it off my hair in the morning did it for me. Thank you for answering all my questions along the way. Great support!" 

Cynthia D.

Kentucky, USA

"I was 70% clear at the two month mark. But, as you know, the rest 30% did test my patience. Your continous encouragement helped a lot. In the end all is well that ends well. Feels great to be finally free and just in time for the summer!!" 

Jacob S.

Oregon, USA

"I am writing on behalf of my son who is 21 and lives in New York. He says your product worked wonderfully for him. He regrets not having it found four years earlier ..."

Julia N.

Oklahoma, USA

"My white patches are now the same color as the rest of my skin. While I am happy about this I don't know if I should keep using Vitilinox or in other words if the patches will come back if I stop using Vitilinox. Should I continue or stop is what I am trying to ask?" (Our response was to stop using Vitilinox and if patches re-occur then to use it again.) 

Billy S.

Utah, USA

"totally cleared in just over three months. Amazing results. From 50 pls square inches of white patches I am now down to ZERO white patches!"

Kayla P.

Mississippi, USA

"Here's my feedback (and please feel free to publish it). After initial scepticism my doubts started fading away as I began seeing my skin improve after the fourth week. I am happy with myself for not giving up despite having thought so many times. Thank you for the time you took to keep me encouraged and to take this all the way. My skin has fully regained its melanin." 

Madison G.

Kansas, USA

"I was sure from the beginning that this product is real. I did read the research. But its still a different feeling to actually experience the results for myself. Totally thrilled!" 

Philip S.

New Mexico, USA

"Regaining my skin colour with your product Vitilinox has not just been skin deep. Ive also regained my confidence and self esteem. Its hard to explain what you guys have done for my life. Forever indebted!" 

Heather A.

Nebraska, USA

"It wasn't just the product but also your support that helped me make it. It was a reluctant start but what a great finish!" 

Patricia J.

Idaho, USA

"I was ready from the start with the knowledge that my condition will never be an easy one to reverse. This really helped me cruise through the four months it took your product to really produce the results I was looking for. So I'd like to add for your users that a month here or there should not deter you. This product will eventually solve your depigmentation."

Jason M.

West Virginia, USA

"This was going to be the last product I had intended to try as I was so fed up wasting time and money. If I knew about product form the start I would have saved all that struggle but as they say 'better late than never!''. Im still grateful in the end that I was lucky enough to make it." 

Amy M.

Hawaii, USA

"From lesions all over my back to perfect color in just over three months is unbelievable. I wish many more people find your product. " 

Elijah M.

Delaware, USA

"I can't say that my case was the worst to begin with as I had just one small white patch on my forehead. But I still never thought I'd ever be able to get rid of it. One month is quite incredulous in my opinion for such an outcome. Thank you. Good product." 

Alice R.

South Dakota, USA

"I used Vitilnox for three months and seven days without skipping a day and also took a 30 minute walk in the sun in the morning. It paid off perfectly in the end. I don't want to say it was my effort, obviously my effort would get me no where if it wasnt for your product. So all credit to you."

North Dakota

Keith A., USA

"No product is guaranteed to work but there was some kind of reassuring feeling about Vitilinox from the day I landed on your website. I am glad that I gave it a chance. My gut feeling was right, as you already know from my previous messages." 

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Vitilinox® Frequently Asked Questions

How fast will I see results?
Vitilinox® is designed as a fast acting natural formulation that goes to work instantly upon application. You should see and feel a noticeable improvement within just two to three weeks of your first application. Complete re-pigmentation depends upon the severity of the condition and can take up to three months depending upon the case.
How do I use Vitilinox®?
Vitilinox® is really simple to use. Wash the skin area needing treatment with plain water. Once the skin is dry, pour a few drops of Vitilinox® in the palm of your hands and gently massage it on the area needing treatment. Once it is absorbed into the skin, leave it on for ten  hours. Then wash the skin again. Once a day application is enough but twice a day will produce faster results.
How long will a 100ml bottle of Vitilinox® last?
On average a 100ml bottle should last 4 weeks to treat a skin area of 90 square inches. Most people go for our larger four bottle deal for greater savings.
Is Vitilinox® a cure or treatment for Vitiligo?
No, Vitilinox® is not a cure or treatment for Vitiligo. There is no cure for Vitiligo that we know. The underlying cause of Vitiligo may be autoimmune or unknown (idiopathic). The purpose of Vitilinox® is to bring symptomatic relief by helping the skin regain pigment where it has lost it. 
How long will my results last?
This would depend upon the underlying reason for the depigmentation. If the depigmentation is due to some underlying condition, then the results from Vitilinox® will last until there is a new flare up in the condition.
How long will a 100ml bottle of Vitilinox® last?
On average a 100ml bottle should last 4 weeks to treat a skin area of 90 square inches. Most people go for our larger four bottle deal for greater savings.
Is Vitilinox® safe for children?
Yes, as long as it is administered by an adult so that infants do not swallow the liquid. Vitilinox® is only for topical application and should not be ingested.
Do you ship worldwide?
Yes, we are able to ship to all countries in the world, except a few sanctioned countries by the USA government.
We make your purchase risk free!

Our Hassle Free 90 Days Refund Policy

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase of Vitilnox®, simply fill your name, email and order number in the form below and press the “Refund Me” button below. We will email you a prepaid return label. Simply return any empty or unused bottles to us free of cost to you using the prepaid label and we will promptly refund all your money back to your account. This guarantee is valid for within 90 days of you receiving your order.

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      An astonishing one dozen plus clinical studies!

      Scientific Research References

      Following is a non-exhaustive list of clinical research behind the active herbal ingredients of Vitilinox®. The research is cited here as a reference only and is not meant to constitute a substitute for professional medical advice.

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